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Stay motivated and inspired in a self-guided course!

Self-guided courses enable you to work on your writing while gaining valuable knowledge, skills, and resources. Lessons open weekly, but you set the pace. There are no due dates, no cap on enrollment, and no instructor, but you can engage with other writers in the class and give and receive feedback on writing posted in the classroom.

After the course ends, you will receive a ZIP file containing all of the course content and the work you developed during the course. You’ll also continue to be a member of our Creative Nonfiction Writing Classes Community Page. With this membership, you will be able to share writing and calls for submissions, recommend books, and stay connected with other writers. Self-guided courses are open to writers at all levels and new courses are announced regularly, so check back often or sign up for our newsletter.


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The Curious Writer: Fitting the Pieces Together
May 3 - May 28  |  $29.99
The collage memoir—a literary assemblage or mosaic—lets us enjoy the  creativity of blending various elements; the result is a fresh take that can add up to far more than a personal story.


Previous Courses


Writing Beyond the Known: Exploring the Possible through Speculative Nonfiction 
Learn to use a variety of techniques to map the territories of inner worlds and the possibilities of the world we share.

Jump Start Your Writing Practice Boot Camp 
This course will help anyone who wants to begin a project or initiate a regular writing practice in a way that is low-stress, adaptable, and effective.

Writing the Tough Stuff
Often we want to write about loss, grief, trauma, or major life changes in order to both understand how our personal narrative is changing, and to relate our changed self to the world.

Finding Your Voice(s)
Rather than settle on a singular voice, we should consider how employing a constantly evolving set of voices is an opportunity to explore what more we can say.

Play with Pattern: Crafting the Braided & Collage Essay
Often experimenting with a new form is the best way to get unstuck and gain a fresh perspective on your writing.

The Good Place: Crafting Setting & Landscape
Whether you’re writing narrative journalism, memoir, or personal essays, a richly felt space/place can add depth or intrigue. In this generative workshop, you will write a portrait of a place, either natural or man-made, with an emphasis on depth, mood, and researched accuracy.

Writing from Photographs
Intriguing, haunting, or prompting forgotten memories, photographs can be powerful prompts for stories. This course explores the rich possibilities of the space between photograph and experience.

Write Your Memoir Month
Tackle the potentially overwhelming task of writing a memoir through manageable daily writing assignments. Daily writing prompts will keep you motivated and moving ahead with your project.

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