Writer at Work

The Eroticism of Essaying

Writer at Work
On Libido and the Writing Practice

Last Call

Writer at Work
How to write outside of a bar

Visiting the Past

A trial lawyer applies her skills to build a complete picture of her father's past

When Your Co-Author is Missing

Writer at Work
The challenges of writing about family, when the main character can't be found

Inside Out and Outside In

Writer at Work
Exploring the possibilities—and the pitfalls—of immersion projects

Just Write

At one New York City school, High Intensity Practice writing keeps young writers engaged

Engaging the Senses

The Story Behind the Story
A teacher-writer heads to the beach to try out one of her own writing prompts

Believe It

Narrative credibility is in the eye of the beholder
Is it just coincidence that we began to worry about truth in memoir just as long-silenced classes began to tell their stories?

An Apprentice to the World

Writer at Work
Adelheid Fischer visits biomimicry expert Janine Benyus, who puts her theories to the test in her Montana backyard.