The Risks & Rewards of Writing Memoir

Free Webinar & AMA with Creative Nonfiction founder Lee Gutkind



Fri, Nov 13, 2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST


In a career spanning decades, Lee Gutkind has immersed himself to write books about organ transplant surgeons, roboticists, child psychiatrists, national league baseball umpires. Now, he has reversed directions to take a deep dive—an immersion—into himself.  In his first memoir, MY LAST EIGHT THOUSAND DAYS: AN AMERICAN MALE IN HIS SEVENTIES, newly published, Lee confronts his fears of aging and of losing his identity and his ability to keep  up and stay “in the game”—writing, editing, and teaching.  

And now, after ten years of working to put his life on the page, Lee has nothing left to hide. In the first half of this special hour-long session, Creative Nonfiction’s founding editor will discuss memoir’s risks and rewards—not only at the keyboard but in the memoirist’s life. And then, he’ll answer questions—anything you want to ask about writing and teaching or his life as a creative nonfiction pioneer.

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