Issue #71, Let's Talk About Sex

Summer 2019

In Creative Nonfiction #71: "Let's Talk about Sex," writers invite us to share some of their most intimate moments—first times, last times, and everything in between. By turns joyous, hopeful, playful, wistful, and sometimes even uncomfortable, the stories in this issue expand our understanding of how—and why—people (and houseflies and sea urchins) “do it.”

Plus: five tips for great sex (writing); the eroticism of essaying; the art of the long sentence; tiny truths; and more.


Table of Contents

What's the Story Lee Gutkind ... read more
Rising Action, Falling Action Nicola Waldron
Body Language M.G. Leibowitz
When They Start Asking Questions Steph Auteri
Secret Museums B. Pietras
Skin Hunger Anne Royan
Summer of Urchins and Love Anne Visser Ney
Past Compensation Amy Botula
He Was My First, Too Roger Tolle
Recollections of a Fly Sex Therapist Natalie van Hoose
Slipping Away Sue Fagalde Lick
5 Tips for Great Sex (Writing) Suzanne Roberts
The High-Wire Act Joe Moran ... read more
The Rib Joint Julia Koets ... read more


Steph Auteri

Steph Auteri has written about sexuality for The Atlantic, Vice, Pacific Standard, and other publications. She is the author of A Dirty... read more

Amy Botula

Amy Botula is an advocate and teacher. Her work has been published in The Rumpus and The Manifest-Station, and she is a former columnist... read more

Sue Fagalde Lick

Sue Fagalde Lick is the author of Stories Grandma Never Told, Childless by Marriage, and Up Beaver Creek. She lives in South Beach, Oregon... read more

Julia Koets

Julia Koets is the winner of the 2017 Red Hen Press Nonfiction Award, judged by Mark Doty, for her forthcoming book, The Rib Joint: A... read more

M.G. Leibowitz

M. G. Leibowitz lives in New York, New York. Her poetry has recently appeared in Boxcar Poetry Review, Crab Creek Review, Foundry, and The... read more

Joe Moran

Joe Moran is a professor of English and Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University. read more

B. Pietras

B. Pietras is a writer with essays in TriQuarterly, BuzzFeed Reader, Electric Literature, and elsewhere. He is currently at work on a novel... read more

Suzanne Roberts

Suzanne Roberts is the author of the memoir Almost Somewhere (Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award), as well as four collections of... read more

Anne Royan

Anne Royan is a graduate of Savannah College of Art & Design (MFA), Brown University (BA) and the Columbia Publishing Course at... read more

Roger Tolle

Roger Tolle is an IPSA certified surrogate partner, serving gay and trans men around the country from his home base in Charlottesville,... read more

Natalie van Hoose

Natalie van Hoose writes, fishes, and watches insects in her native Florida. Her fiction has appeared in The Southeast Review. read more

Anne Visser Ney

Anne Visser Ney is a writer, biologist, and U.S. Coast Guard veteran. Her work has recently appeared in Ruminate, the Fourth River, and... read more

Nicola Waldron

Nicola Waldron is a graduate of Cambridge and the Bennington Writing Seminars. Her work has been published in Post Road Magazine, Los... read more