Issue #7, 1996

Points of View

In contrast to the previous issue, the pieces featured in “Points of View” are of markedly broad in focus—the debate over killing wolves in Alaska; the cruel face of poverty in Philadelphia; Robert Frost and the impact of poetry. The writers in this issue do not favor any one particular technique; rather, they write from perspectives both intimate and distant and their backgrounds range from journalism to poetry to immersion nonfiction.

These pieces show how writers who find something to say, and who find the right way to focus on it, can employ a startlingly broad array of narrative techniques to make the intimate emotions and realities of their characters spring to life in the minds of their readers. Featuring work from Sherry Simpson, Maxine Kumin, Charles Simic, and others.

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: The Rope Test—and the Disciplined Writing Life Lee Gutkind ... read more
Killing Wolves Sherry Simpson ... read more
Two Junes Maxine Kumin
I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say Brenda Marie Osbey
A June Journal David Gessner ... read more
Finders Keepers: The Story of Joey Coyle Mark Bowden
Dinner at Uncle Boris' Charles Simic
Pierre Menard in New England David Hamilton
COVER TO COVER: Reviews of New Books


Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden is the author of "Bringing the Heat" (Knopf, 1994) and "Doctor Dealer" (Warner, 1987). He is a longtime staff writer at The... read more

David Gessner

David Gessner is a writer, cartoonist and illustrator who lives in Boulder, Colorado. He has written many books, including The Tarball... read more

David Hamilton

David Hamilton is the editor of The Iowa Review. His essays have appeared in the Michigan Quarterly Review, the Gettysburg Review, the... read more

Maxine Kumin

Maxine Kumin's 11th collection of poems, "Connecting the Dots", was published by W. W. Norton in 1996. Her "Selected Poems: 1960-90" will... read more

Brenda Marie Osbey

Brenda Marie Osbey, a full-time writer living in New Orleans, is the author of three collections of poems with a fourth to be published by... read more

Sherry Simpson

Sherry Simpson is a Fairbanks writer. Her most recent book is titled Dominion of Bears: Living with Wildlife in Alaska. For more... read more

Charles Simic

Charles Simic is professor emeritus of English at the University of New Hampshire. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1990 and was the... read more