Issue #59, Marriage

Spring 2016

Our spring issue surveys the contemporary landscape of matrimony, as writers recall walking down the aisle for the first or third or fifth time; vow never to wed again, except in the role of officiant; dissect the first year of marriage; brave city hall; and realize what it means to bind yourself, for better or for worse, to another person. There's no one way to get or to be married, and when it comes to the ties that bind, it's a new world.

Plus, a profile of New York Times obituary writer Margalit Fox; why divorce memoirs are flourishing; and a special single-author collection of Tiny Truths.


Table of Contents

From the Editor Lee Gutkind ... read more
A Story We Tell Ourselves and Others Randon Billings Noble ... read more
Splitsville: On the Rise of Divorce Memoirs Vivian Wagner
The Math of Marriage Elane Johnson ... read more
Economy Class Shahnaz Habib
The Marrying Kind Jane Bernstein
The Currency of Moons Kim Wyatt
Alphabet for the First Year Jeff Oaks
That Night: Fifty Years Later Melissa Shepherd
What We Cannot See Maribeth Fischer
False Intimacy: A Cautionary Perspective Patrice Gopo ... read more
Afterlife: New York Times Obituary Writer Margalit Fox Has the Last Word Jane Maher
Nobody Ever Sees It Coming Candace Opper
[Family Secret] Amanda J. Crawford
Tiny Truths Matthew G. Miller


Jane Bernstein

Jane Bernstein’s most recent books include the memoirs Bereft: A Sister’s Story and Rachel in the World. She is also an... read more

Amanda J. Crawford

Amanda J. Crawford is a writer, professor, and musician, whose work has been published by the Baltimore Sun, the Arizona Republic, National... read more

Maribeth Fischer

Maribeth Fischer is the author of two novels, The Language of Good-bye and The Life You Longed For, and has received two Pushcart Prizes... read more

Patrice Gopo

Patrice Gopo is the child of Jamaican immigrants and was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Her essays have appeared in a variety of... read more

Lee Gutkind

Lee Gutkind, recognized by Vanity Fair as “the Godfather behind creative nonfiction,” is the founder and editor of Creative... read more

Shahnaz Habib

Shahnaz Habib’s fiction and essays have appeared in Brevity, Elsewhere, the Guardian, Afar, and the Brooklyn Rail, and is forthcoming... read more

Kathleen McKitty Harris

Kathleen McKitty Harris is a native New Yorker who now lives in northern New Jersey with her husband and two children. Her work has... read more

Elane Johnson

Elane Johnson’s nonfiction has been anthologized, featured in college creative writing curricula across the United States and... read more

Jane Maher

Jane Maher is the author of four biographies, and she is currently completing a profile of Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, the founder of Hour... read more

Matthew G. Miller

In 2013, as his marriage of nineteen years began to unravel, Matthew G. Miller started a Twitter feed for catharsis. He tweeted almost... read more

Randon Billings Noble

Randon Billings Noble is an essayist. Her collection Be with Me Always was published by the University of Nebraska Press in March 2019, and... read more

Jeff Oaks

Jeff Oaks is the author of four chapbooks, most recently Mistakes with Strangers (Seven Kitchen Press, 2014). His poems and essays have... read more

Candace Opper

Candace Opper’s work has appeared in Guernica, Brevity, and Bitch magazine, among others. After receiving her MFA from Portland State... read more

Heather Osterman-Davis

Heather Osterman-Davis lives with her family in New York City, where she attempts to balance creative and domestic endeavors. Her work has... read more

Melissa Shepherd

Melissa Shepherd has been a high school teacher, a university instructor, a medical instrumentation company executive, and a writing... read more

Vivian Wagner

Vivian Wagner is an associate professor of English at Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio. Her work has appeared in Zone 3, the... read more

Kim Wyatt

Kim Wyatt is the publisher of the award-winning press Bona Fide Books in South Lake Tahoe, California, where she runs the Center for... read more