Issue #51, Spring 2014


Creative Nonfiction #51, our "Human Face of Sustainability" issue, features true stories about moms, scientists, farmers, and others who are trying to change the world. Plus, guest editor Donna Seaman talks with environmental writer Elizabeth Kolbert about climate change, her adventures with scientists, and why her books don't have happy endings.

And, of course, there's a fantastic new "Pushing the Boundaries" piece and a slew of sustainability-related micro-essays. All intricately illustrated by Marcy Miranda Janes.

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Table of Contents

From the Editor Lee Gutkind ... read more
Encounter: Elizabeth Kolbert Donna Seaman ... read more
Facing Facts Donna Seaman ... read more
Acts of Courage Mary Heather Noble
Trapped Sarah Gilbert
Depredation Matthew Ferrence
Regeneration Nicole Walker
Iyabo is Yoruba for "The Mother Has Returned" Amy Hassinger
No Thirst Michelle Lanzoni
What Happened in Humbug Valley Ana Maria Spagna
Food and Worker Safety Across the Globe Wendy Rawlings


Mieke Eerkens

Mieke Eerkens is a Dutch American writer, who grew up divided between the foothills of California and the canals of the Netherlands. She is... read more

Matthew Ferrence

Matthew Ferrence teaches creative writing and literature at Allegheny College in northwestern Pennsylvania. His essays have appeared widely... read more

Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert’s writing has been published in Oregon Humanities, Water~Stone Review, and others, and has been named ‘Notable... read more

Amy Hassinger

Amy Hassinger is the author of two novels, Nina: Adolescence and The Priest’s Madonna. She is a faculty mentor with the University of... read more

Marcy Miranda Janes

Oregon native Marcy Miranda Janes began working in cut paper techniques and book carving in 2010, transistioning from poetry writing and... read more

Michelle Lanzoni

Michelle Lanzoni is a writer and scientist who studies rain pulse events in dryland regions. She has worked on water projects in the... read more

Mary Heather Noble

Mary Heather Noble’s writing is influenced by environmental issues and informed by her former career as an environmental regulator.... read more

Wendy Rawlings

Wendy Rawlings is the author of a novel, The Agnostics, and a collection of short stories, Come Back Irish. Her work has appeared recently... read more

Donna Seaman

A senior editor for Booklist, Donna Seaman is a recipient of the Studs Terkel Humanities Service Award. She created the anthology In Our... read more

Ana Maria Spagna

Ana Maria Spagna lives in the North Cascades, where she writes about nature, work, civil rights, and community. This essay is excerpted... read more

Nicole Walker

Nicole Walker is the author of two forthcoming books, Sustainability: A Love Story and Microcosmology. Her previous books include Egg,... read more