Issue #5, 1996

Fathers and Fatherhood

Though this issue is dedicated to fathers and fatherhood, on a deeper level, the stories explore the idea of personal truth—the notion that a writer can remain perfectly factual, yet also write from a subjective perspective, tinged with interpretation and shared memories. The authors’ recollections and responses collected in this issue may not always reflect reality as others see it, but that doesn’t make them any less true, or certainly, any less compelling and dramatic. Family, after all, is complicated.

"Fathers and Fatherhood" features work by Phillip Lopate, Hilary Masters, A. D. Coleman, Pam Widener, and others.

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: Permission to Lie? Lee Gutkind ... read more
Delivering Lily Phillip Lopate
Son of Spoon River Hilary Masters
Daddy's Loss Anne Morgan Gray
Hypothetical History of an Actual Photograph A.D. Coleman
Night Rhythms John T. Price
My Two Wars Moritz Thomsen
Off Islander: Excerpts from a Nantucket Journal Linda Pastan
Out of Nothing Pam Widener
Royal Crown Bret Lott
Self-Interview Gordon Lish
COVER TO COVER: Reviews of New Books


A.D. Coleman

A.D. Coleman served as photography critic for the New York Observer from 1988 to 1997. He is the author of several books, including "... read more

Gordon Lish

Gordon Lish is editor of The Quarterly. He was an editor at Knopf for 18 years and, previously, an editor at Esquire for eight years. His... read more

Phillip Lopate

Phillip Lopate's nonfiction books include essay collections (Bachelorhood, Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body); film criticism... read more

Bret Lott

Bret Lott is the author of nine novels, three story collections and two books of essays: Fathers, Sons and Brothers and Before We Get... read more

Hilary Masters

Hilary Masters was born and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. His recent novel "Post" includes an account of the demise of the passenger... read more

Anne Morgan Gray

Anne Morgan Gray lives and works as a psychotherapist in Bethesda, Md. "Daddy's Loss", her first major publication, is part of a work in... read more

Linda Pastan

Linda Pastan's ninth book of poems, "An Early Afterlife", was published by Norton in 1995. She was Poet Laureate of Maryland from 1991 to... read more

John T. Price

John T. Price recently received his MFA in creative nonfiction from the University of Iowa. His essays will be appearing in North Dakota... read more

Moritz Thomsen

Moritz Thomsen, born in 1919, left a failing hog farm to join the Peace Corps at age 53 and wrote a fine book, "Living Poor" (1971) about... read more

Pam Widener

Pam Widener grew up in New York City and spent five years working in screenwriting in Los Angeles. “Out of Nothing” was her first major... read more