Issue #47, Winter 2013

Female Form

We didn’t set out to publish an all-women essay section, but as we were reading for this issue, we were drawn to a number of essays about, in some way, “the senses”—hearing, sight, etc. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say they’re about “perception.” And, it just so happened that these seriously beautiful essays about serious topics—entomology, ophthalmology, archaeology, molecular biology—were all written by women.

Plus: Elissa Bassist and Cheryl Strayed talk about how to write like a mother#^@%*&; exploring the possibilities of electronic literature; a roundtable discussion about the intersection of journalism and creative nonfiction; words to avoid in your prose; and more.


From the issue:

Table of Contents

From the Editor Lee Gutkind ... read more
Cheryl Strayed on fame, success, and writing like a mother#^@%*& Elissa Bassist ... read more
The perils of "writing what you know" Kase Johnstun
The Memory Train Sara Dailey
Elk Country Marissa Landrigan ... read more
The Collection Mary Quade
Looking Back Danielle Spencer
The Pit and the Page Elizabeth Mosier
Regeneration Brenda Miller
Far, Far Away Pria Anand
Creative nonfiction in our electronic age Eric LeMay ... read more
Are journalism and creative nonfiction mutually exclusive? A Roundtable Discussion. Matt Tullis ... read more
The "little did I know..." memoir Elizabeth Stone
Twitter Micro-essays
Origin Stories Joe Bonomo
The tao of find-replace Angie Chuang ... read more


Pria Anand

Pria Anand is a third-year medical student. She grew up in Maryland and lives in California. read more

Elissa Bassist

Elissa Bassist edits the “Funny Women” column on The Rumpus. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times,, The... read more

Joe Bonomo

Joe Bonomo’s This Must Be Where My Obsession With Infinity Began (essays) will be published by Orphan Press in March. His books... read more

Angie Chuang

Angie Chuang is the author of The Four Words for Home. She is an assistant professor of journalism at the American University School... read more

Sara Dailey

Sara Dailey has a BS in writing from Mankato State, an MA in English from the University of St. Thomas, and an MFA from Hamline University... read more

Kase Johnstun

Kase Johnstun teaches Written Communications at Kansas State University and is working on a creative nonfiction book about craniosynostosis... read more

Chris Jones

CHRIS JONES is a writer at large for Esquire and the back-page columnist for ESPN: The Magazine. He has won two National Magazine Awards... read more

Thomas Lake

THOMAS LAKE is the youngest senior writer for Sports Illustrated, where he has won the Henry Luce Award for story of the year among all... read more

Marissa Landrigan

Marissa Landrigan’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Atlantic, Creative Nonfiction, Orion, Guernica, The Inquisitive Eater... read more

Eric LeMay

Eric LeMay lives in Athens, Ohio, and teaches at Ohio University. Some of his electronic literature is available at read more

Brenda Miller

Brenda Miller is the author of five essay collections, most recently An Earlier Life. She also co-authored Tell It Slant:... read more

Ben Montgomery

Ben Montgomery is an enterprise reporter for the Tampa Bay Times and founder of the narrative journalism website In 2010, he... read more

Elizabeth Mosier

Elizabeth Mosier is the author of The Playgroup, part of the Gemma Open Door series to promote adult literacy, and My Life as a Girl (... read more

Mary Quade

Mary Quade’s essays have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Fifth Wednesday Journal, Grist, Flyway: Journal of Writing and... read more

Danielle Spencer

Danielle R. Spencer is currently a teaching fellow in narrative medicine at Columbia University. She has worked as an art director for... read more

Elizabeth Stone

Elizabeth Stone teaches creative writing at Fordham University and is the author of four books, including a memoir, A Boy I Once Knew: What... read more

Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Wild, the New York Times bestseller Tiny Beautiful Things, the novel Torch... read more

Matt Tullis

Matt Tullis is a journalism professor at Ashland University and regular contributor to Cleveland Magazine. Before joining academia, he... read more


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