Issue #41, Spring 2011


Our spring issue is a literary feast, full of new stories about food and our relationship to what we eat—from pork to lasagna, and from pomegranates to toasted grasshoppers.

Plus, Ruth Reichl talks about differences between men and women (in the kitchen and on the page) and how she's turning her Twitter feed into a book; Phillip Lopate shares an uncomfortable secret about teaching creative writing; CNF Editor Lee Gutkind breaks out of the English Department; Robert Atwan examines an element of E. B. White's style; and more.


From the issue:

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR Lee Gutkind ... read more
Picnic in the Democratic Forest John T. Edge
ENCOUNTER: Ruth Reichl ... read more
The Intimacy of Forks Liesl Schwabe
The Dinner Party Dinah Lenney
How to Fix Everything Heather A. McDonald
Beefless Deborah Thompson
From Pig to Porkchop Victoria Blake
Behold a World Shehla Anjum
Grasshopper Love Matthew Gavin Frank
Creative nonfiction in the age of the expert Lee Gutkind
The essay: exploration or argument? (Or, perhaps, both?) Phillip Lopate
WRITER AT WORK: E. B. White, A Note on "Death of a Pig" Robert Atwan
Family History Narrative Sharon DeBartolo Carmack
Of Birds, and of a Particular Pomological Fruit Christina Manweller
Now Here, Now There
Twitter Micro-essays
Feeding the Muse


Shehla Anjum

Shehla Anjum, a long-time Alaska resident, is originally from Karachi, Pakistan, and visits there every year. She has an MFA in Creative... read more

Robert Atwan

Robert Atwan is the founder and series editor of “The Best American Essays.” He also publishes America Now: Short Readings from... read more

Victoria Blake

Victoria Blake is a graduate of the Warren Wilson Program for Writers. She is the publisher of Underland Press—an award-winning press,... read more

Sharon DeBartolo Carmack

Sharon DeBartolo Carmack is a certified genealogist and co-owner of Warren, Carmack & Associates, a genealogical research, writing and... read more

John T. Edge

John T. Edge has been an Oxford American columnist for more than a decade and contributes the monthly "United Tastes" column to... read more

Matthew Gavin Frank

Matthew Gavin Frank is the author of Barolo, Pot Farm (forthcoming 2012), Warranty in Zulu, The Morrow Plots (forthcoming), Sagittarius... read more

Dinah Lenney

Dinah Lenney wrote Bigger than Life: A Murder, a Memoir. Her essays have appeared in AGNI, Water~Stone, The Kenyon Review Online, the Los... read more

Phillip Lopate

Phillip Lopate's nonfiction books include essay collections (Bachelorhood, Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body); film criticism... read more

Heather A. McDonald

Heather A. McDonald teaches writing at American University in Washington, D.C. This is her first publication. read more

Christina Manweller

Christina Manweller lives in Colorado, where she writes poetry and nonfiction. Her work has appeared in various journals. read more

Liesl Schwabe

Liesl Schwabe's essays have been published in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, AGNI, Post Road, The Writer's... read more

Michelle Shabtai

Michelle Shabtai conducted the Q&A with Ruth Reichl for CNF. She holds an M.A. in Language Education from Tel-Aviv University and... read more

Rigel Stuhmiller

Rigel Stuhmiller is a freelance printmaker and illustrator. Her work has appeared on The Today Show and in Town and Country,, and... read more

Deborah Thompson

Deborah Thompson is an associate professor of English at Colorado State University, where she co-coordinates the new master's degree in... read more