Issue #40, Winter 2011


Cattle, centaurs, chickens, dachshunds, gorillas, grunion, horses, humans, mice, monarch butterflies, mountain lions, mutts, racehorses, raccoons, starlings and wood ducks ... You'll find all these, and more, in Creative Nonfiction's Animals issue!

Plus, there's an Encounter with Lauren Slater, who talks about her writing process, truth, and why people get so angry with her; Phillip Lopate on the ethics of writing about other people; Sarah Z. Wexler on magazine editors' unwillingness to adopt new technology; a literary crossword; and more.

From the issue:

  • What's the Story by Lee Gutkind
    From the Editor
  • The Butterfly Effect by Jennifer Lunden
    “It was the dead of winter, and I wanted out, so I flew to California—to Pacific Grove, aka Butterfly Town, USA, to see the monarchs. It was a journey home, really, though I had never been there.”
  • “People are strangest”
    An interview with the issue's illustrator, Michelle Leveille

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR Lee Gutkind ... read more
Can Old Editors Master Young Technology? Sarah Z. Wexler
ENCOUNTER: Lauren Slater
The Centaur Lauren Slater
The Butterfly Effect Jennifer Lunden ... read more
Killing Starlings Kateri Kosek
Natural Selection Kelly Herbinson
A Triumph of Preservation Randy Fertel
Dog at Midlife Jeff Oaks
Of Mice and Women Susan Cheever
Charging Lions Chester F. Phillips
The ethics of writing about other people Phillip Lopate
the histories of Jacques Cousteau {a fairytale of the drowned} Tessa Fontaine
Living in This Time of Peace
Twitter Micro-essays
1 Down: dog Myles Mellor


Susan Cheever

Susan Cheever''s biography of Louisa May Alcott was published this winter. She is the author of two other biographies, five novels and many... read more

Randy Fertel

Randy Fertel has contributed to NPR and Huffington Post, and has taught the literature of war and of exile at the New School for Social... read more

Tessa Fontaine

Tessa Fontaine is from Woodacre, Calif., and is currently in the MFA program at the University of Alabama. read more

Kelly Herbinson

Kelly Herbinson is a wildlife biologist and nonfiction writer from southern California. She is currently an MFA student of Creative Writing... read more

Kateri Kosek

Kateri Kosek’s poetry and essays have appeared in such places as Orion,, and Catamaran. She teaches college English and... read more

Michelle Leveille

Michelle Leveille is a freelance artist specializing in biological illustration and scientific graphics. Her work is featured at the Los... read more

Phillip Lopate

Phillip Lopate's nonfiction books include essay collections (Bachelorhood, Against Joie de Vivre, Portrait of My Body); film criticism... read more

Jennifer Lunden

Jennifer Lunden (LCSW, LADC, CCS) is a practicing therapist and the founder and executive director of the Center for Creative Healing in... read more

Jeff Oaks

Jeff Oaks is the author of four chapbooks, most recently Mistakes with Strangers (Seven Kitchen Press, 2014). His poems and essays have... read more

Chester F. Phillips

Chester F. Phillips has worked as a rancher, fire lookout, delivery driver, Montessori assistant teacher, rainwater harvester, research... read more

Lauren Slater

Lauren Slater is a psychologist and writer. Her books include Welcome to My Country, Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir, and ... read more

Sarah Z. Wexler

Sarah Z. Wexler is the author of Living Large: From SUVs to Double Ds, Why Going Bigger Isn't Going Better. Her writing has also been... read more


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