Issue #4, 1995

Creative Nonfiction Classics

“Creative Nonfiction Classics” addresses readers who are uncertain about the exact scope and focus of the genre—those who believe that nonfiction cannot maintain its integrity without traditional standards of journalistic integrity, as well as those who believe that “creative” is just another word for unusual prose and narrative experimentation.

Readers are introduced to fundamental pieces in the creative nonfiction canon including work by Gay Talese, John McPhee, Louis Simpson, Elizabeth Hodges, and others. Taken with Gutkind’s introduction, these essays showcase fact in a creative context, highlighting and defining the boundaries of the genre.

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: The Creative Nonfiction Approach Lee Gutkind ... read more
The Conching Rooms John McPhee
Imaginary Fathers Jonathan Holden
Death by African Violet Elizabeth Hodges
The Stone Collector Louis Simpson
Excavations Lisa Knopp
Frank Sinatra Has a Cold Gay Talese
COVER TO COVER: Reviews of New Books


Elizabeth Hodges

Elizabeth Hodges is an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University where she teaches nonfiction writing at both the... read more

Jonathan Holden

Jonathan Holden's seventh poetry collection, "The Sublime", won the 1995 Vassar Miller Prize. He is University Distinguished Professor of... read more

Lisa Knopp

Lisa Knopp was born and raised in Burlington in southeastern Iowa, and received her education at the University of Iowa, Iowa Wesleyan... read more

John McPhee

For more information please visit, read more

Samuel F. Pickering

Samuel Pickering teaches English at the University of Connecticut. Eleven collections of his familiar essays have been published, the most... read more

Louis Simpson

Louis Simpson's poetry has won many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize. "The Stone Collector" is part of a forthcoming book about Long... read more

Gay Talese

Gay Talese is the author of Unto the Sons, The Kingdom and the Power, Thy Neighbor's Wife, Fame and Obscurity and other books. A Writer's... read more