Issue #3, 1995

Emerging Women Writers

Featuring an assortment of unique essays, “Emerging Women Writers” showcases a diverse array of authors who are not yet well recognized in terms of publicity or credentials, but whose powerful narratives promise to shape the future of the creative nonfiction genre.

From a complicated birth to a conversation with a stranger in a swimming pool, magicians on stage to caring for disabled family members, these stories give a peek into the complex private worlds of their authors. With work from Jeanne Marie Laskas, Lauren Slater, Jane Bernstein, and more, this issue also features an encounter with Diane Ackerman.

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: Why "Emerging"? Lee Gutkind ... read more
Three Spheres Lauren Slater
Blowing in the Wind Diana Hume George
Maternity Kathryn Rhett
Taking Care Jane Bernstein
Gott ist die Liebe/Er Liebt auch Mich Janet Horsch
A Conversation with Diane Ackerman Kathleen Veslany ... read more
COVER TO COVER: Reviews of New Books


Jane Bernstein

Jane Bernstein’s most recent books include the memoirs Bereft: A Sister’s Story and Rachel in the World. She is also an... read more

Diana Hume George

Diana Hume George is the author of The Lonely Other: A Woman Watching America, and author or editor of a number of other books of poetry,... read more

Janet Horsch

Janet R. Horsch is in the MFA program at the University of Pittsburgh. She won the University's Francis Wright Weber award for creative... read more

Jeanne Marie Laskas

Jeanne Marie Laskas is a contributing writer at the Washington Post Magazine, where her personal essay column, "Uncommon Sense", appears... read more

Kathryn Rhett

Kathryn Rhett is an assistant professor at Gettysburg College. Her poems have been published in The Antioch Review, Ploughshares and... read more

Lauren Slater

Lauren Slater is a psychologist and writer. Her books include Welcome to My Country, Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir, and ... read more

Maureen Stanton

Maureen Stanton swims and writes and works in Portland, Maine. In her dreams she chases tornadoes. read more

Kathleen Veslany

Kathleen Veslany's work has appeared in Sycamore Review and you are here, among other journals. In 1999 she won second prize in the Annie... read more