Issue #26, 2005

The Poets and Writers Issue

This issue features many writers whose work crosses the borders between literary genres, from poetry and fiction to creative nonfiction, and illustrates how the lines of division between writers may be disintegrating. The stories themselves also flirt with the idea of crossing boundaries—between life and death, between countries and cultures and languages, and between individuals.

Hilary Masters, a novelist, short-story writer, and essayist, pores through his writing notebooks and constructs a chimera out of fragments of writing he finds there, tracing the story of a man and a woman through the year and exploring how the shape we give to stories determines their meaning. Ira Berkow, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the New York Times, ventures into memoir to look back at several intersections between his life and that of his legally "incompetent" cousin Marvin. In "Beginning Dialogues," poet and memoirist Toi Derricotte discovers that her mother's death has not ended their relationship; rather, as Dericotte realizes on her first visit to the grave site, in many ways her heart is only just coming to life. Many of these essays reflect concern about family relationships: Alle C. Hall's "The Brass Ring" looks at the line between independence and marriage; Robert Wilder records his daughter's entry into the world; and Mark O'Connor discusses how naming creates belonging. Finally, Kathleen Tarr's essay, "We Are All Poets Here," is all about Russian poets generally and Boris Pasternak specifically, but its title also reflects the theme of this issue. Creative Nonfiction helps bring disparate groups together. In this issue of the journal in particular, "We are all writers here."

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

FROM THE EDITOR: The Poets & Writers Issue Lee Gutkind ... read more
Chimera Hilary Masters
Beginning Dialogues Toi Derricotte
Crying in America Robert Wilder
Who Holds the Clicker? Lauren Slater
The Brass Ring Alle C. Hall
L'Achat Laurie Graham
Looking at Aaron Hilda Raz
On Nicknaming Mark O'Connor
Marvin Escapes Again Ira Berkow
We Are All Poets Here Kathleen Tarr
COVER TO COVER: Review of Books


Ira Berkow

Ira Berkow has been a sports columnist and feature writer for The New York Times for 26 years. He shared a Pulitzer Prize for his feature... read more

Toi Derricotte

Toi Derricotte's most recent book is The Undertaker's Daughter. Her honors include the 2012 Paterson Poetry Prize for Sustained... read more

Laurie Graham

Laurie Graham is at work on a series of essays about Paris and the love of language. Her essay "Bibliophilia" appeared in Issue 20 of... read more

Alle C. Hall

Alle C. Hall's essays have appeared in several anthologies. She is working on a book of essays and has completed a novel. For more... read more

Hilary Masters

Hilary Masters was born and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. His recent novel "Post" includes an account of the demise of the passenger... read more

Mark O'Connor

Mark O'Connor's work has been published in Gulf Coast, Karamu and elsewhere. He teaches creative writing at Slippery Rock University and... read more

Hilda Raz

Hilda Raz is editor of Prairie Schooner and professor of English and women's studies at the University of Nebraska. Her recent books are "... read more

Lauren Slater

Lauren Slater is a psychologist and writer. Her books include Welcome to My Country, Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir, and ... read more

K. Tarr

K. Tarr has an MFA in creative nonfiction and is working on a memoir of place about Alaska and migration. An Alaskan resident for over 25... read more

Robert Wilder

Robert Wilder is a writer and teacher living in Santa Fe, N.M. He has published fiction and nonfiction widely, has been a commentator for... read more