Issue #21, 2003

Rage and Reconciliation

Our 21st issue, "Rage & Reconciliation: Inspiring a Health Care Revolution" features writers, both patients and doctors, exploring the current state of American health care. In "Notes from a Difficult Case," winner of the Creative Nonfiction $10,000 Best Essay Award, Ruthann Robson, herself a lawyer, debates the potential effectiveness of her own medical malpractice suit. In "Burden of Oath," Linda Peeno tackles the medical ethics of HMOs. These and 9 other authors lend a personal perspective to problems in our health care system. This issue received generous support from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Western Pennsylvania.

This issue is out of print.

Table of Contents

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind Karen Wolk Feinstein
FROM THE EDITOR Lee Gutkind ... read more
Notes from a Difficult Case Ruthann Robson ... read more
The Agony and the Agony Deborah McDonald ... read more
Burden of Oath Linda Peeno
Babies as a Problem Richard Beach
A Merging of Head and Heart Judith Dancoff
Interesting Case: Do Not Discard Natalie Smith Parra
Hypoplastic Heart Ron Grant
The Last Train to Clarksville: A Journey Through Breast Cancer Diagnosis Cornelia Reynolds
Postpartum Nancy Linnon
Lessons from the Unlikely Erin Newport
The Right Thing Beth Kephart


Richard Beach

Richard Beach is a board-certified neonatologist practicing in Albuquerque, NM. He has also spent many years caring for AIDS patients and... read more

Judith Dancoff

Judith Dancoff lives in Los Angeles, surrounded by several cats and many wonderful friends. Her fiction and essays have appeared in Other... read more

Karen Wolk Feinstein

Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD is president and CEO of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and its two supporting organizations, the... read more

Ron Grant

Ron Grant left his pediatric practice in 1999 to write and is now a first year MFA student a the University of Arizona. He is at work on... read more

Beth Kephart

Beth Kephart is the award-winning author of thirty books and dozens of essays, an award-winning adjunct at the University of Pennsylvania,... read more

Nancy Linnon

Nancy Linnon is a freelance writer, editor and teacher in Tucson, Ariz., where she lives with her husband, Jesse Vladimirov, and their son... read more

Deborah McDonald

Deborah McDonald grew up in Pittsburgh during the 1950s. She is a freelance writer and food critic. read more

Erin Newport

Erin Newport has recently completed her MA in English at Kansas State University. She lives in Topeka with her husband and five children. read more

Natalie Smith Parra

Natalie Smith Parra is a native of Los Angeles, where she is at work on a book of creative nonfiction. She was recently awarded writing... read more

Linda Peeno

Linda Peeno is a physician whose sole patient is our seriously ill health care system. Her experience as a medical reviewer for a prominent... read more

Cornelia Reynolds

Cornelia Reynolds writes and gardens in Elk, Calif. read more

Ruthann Robson

Ruthann Robson, a professor of law and University Distinguished Professor at City University of New York, writes legal scholarship and... read more