CNF for the Classroom

Whether you’re teaching the genre for the first or the twentieth time, Creative Nonfiction and In Fact Books make great additions to your classroom!

Creative Nonfiction and In Fact Books titles are full of diverse, thought-provoking, and well-crafted essays that will interest your students and promote critical thinking. Take your literature, creative writing, and communications students beyond the five-paragraph essay and into more thoughtful, complex modes of writing that encourage them to build on their writing abilities in exciting new ways.


Creative Nonfiction is a proud participant in the CLMP Lit Mag Adoption Program, which allows professors of undergraduate and graduate creative writing the opportunity to include literary magazines in their courses. Students can receive deeply discounted one-year subscriptions to Creative Nonfiction (US addresses only), and will receive at least two issues of the magazine during the semester.

PLUS: Professors will receive a "desk copy" one-year subscription (with minimum enrollment), and participating classes can Skype with a Creative Nonfiction editor!

Learn more about the CLMP Lit Mag Adoption Program

Single Issues

The current issue of Creative Nonfiction can be ordered through your campus bookstore! Creative Nonfiction #74: "Moments of Clarity" features stories of sudden realizations, things that can’t be unsaid, and power dynamics laid bare.

Also in this issue: epiphanies in nonfiction, legal advice for writers, tiny truths, and more.

For our most affordable option, check out our catalog of back issues. Priced as low as $1, every available issue offers a wide variety of terrific essays. Please note that these are in limited supply; once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Have access to JSTOR? Browse our online archive here (requires login).

In Fact Books

In Fact Books specializes in high-quality, research-driven narrative nonfiction on a wide variety of topics and real-life experiences, such as end-of-life care, mental illness, and true crime. See our available titles.

Place a request for any In Fact Books title through your campus bookstore. Or, purchase an exam copy for $5, plus shipping.



Information for Bookstores

Current issues of Creative Nonfiction (ISSN #1070-0714) are distributed in the United States by TNG-Specialty; Media Solutions; and Small Changes.

In Fact Books are distributed by Publishers Group West (PGW).

Questions? Contact Chad Vogler at vogler [at] creativenonfiction [dot] org, or give us a call at (412) 404-2975.